Over the past two years, I have undertaken several innovative design projects that showcase my expertise in various design disciplines, including human-centered design, user experience design, design thinking methodologies, strategic visioning, and service design. These projects have demonstrated my ability to apply design thinking to real-world challenges and deliver impactful solutions.

The first project was a Human-Centered Design project focused on creating a brand of luxury, ergonomic silverware for the elderly and people with mobility issues. This project involved a deep dive into the needs and wants of this specific demographic and an exploration of the design solutions that could help alleviate their pain points. The outcome was a series of ergonomic utensils that are comfortable, visually appealing, and suitable for individuals with limited dexterity.

The second was a Service Design project focused on breaking traditional barriers to climate action and increasing youth engagement in environmental issues, specifically high school students. This project aimed to tackle the challenges of climate change by leveraging the power of design thinking to create compelling and actionable solutions. The outcome was a comprehensive strategy that leverages social media, gamification, and other interactive tools to create a fun and engaging experience for students and inspire them to take meaningful action to combat climate change.

Finally, the last project was a conceptual foresight project focused on the gamification of Google Nest. This project aimed to create a system of incentives and rewards for users of the innovative home system to help encourage energy conservation. The outcome was a comprehensive design vision that leveraged the power of gamification and intelligent technology to create a more energy-efficient future and motivate users to adopt sustainable habits.

These three projects demonstrate my expertise in various design disciplines and my ability to apply design thinking to real-world challenges in meaningful and impactful ways. In addition, they showcase my capability to drive innovation, create value, and deliver solutions that positively impact society.