The Bonsai Room – Service Design

The Bonsai Room project is an innovative and visionary solution aimed at addressing the pressing issue of climate change and empowering youth, exceptionally high school students, to play a critical role in the efforts to mitigate its impact. This project specifically focuses on breaking down traditional barriers to climate action and increasing engagement among young people.

The project includes creating a unique and inspiring educational space that is open, meditative, informative, and sustainable. This space is designed to stimulate new ideas and inspire students to take an active interest in learning about climate-related subjects. The layout and contents of the area are determined by the students themselves, promoting their sense of ownership and empowering them to make meaningful changes.

Additionally, the project includes the development of Bonsai Labs, an alternative approach to learning about climate subjects that is dynamic and interactive. Labs bring together mentors, community partners, local experts, and hobbyists to collaborate directly with students every week. This collaborative approach provides students with the guidance and support they need to develop valuable skills and take action on critical environmental issues. In addition, the workshops cover a wide range of subjects, from renewable energy to sustainable living, and are designed to align with the learning outcomes of the school curriculum.

By combining a unique and engaging educational space with innovative mentorship and educational programs, this Service Design project has the potential to inspire and empower young people to take meaningful action on the critical issue of climate change. This project showcases the professional use of Service Design skills, demonstrating the ability to bring together multiple stakeholders, create innovative solutions, and effect real difference in the world.