Introducing “Rytierska Prilba,” or “Knight’s Helmet” in English. This piece acts as my modern-day tribute to the valor of Christian Slovak knights. This isn’t just a piece of armor; it’s a cultural tapestry woven with symbols of my heritage. The cross and the peaks of the Tatra Mountains from the Slovak coat of arms are not mere adornments; they are echoes of my ancestry and the courageous history they represent.

Crafting the “Rytierska Prilba” was a journey that brought together the old and the new. I embraced the precision of computer-aided design and CNC metal cutting to carve this helmet from a flat sheet of steel. This fusion technique allowed me to pay homage to traditional metalworking while harnessing the accuracy and efficiency of modern technology.

Once the pieces were cut, I used metal rollers to gently curve the steel, ensuring the helm was faithful to the Great Helm’s classic form. The assembly process was a personal pilgrimage back to my roots — welding and riveting each piece by hand, with brass rivets I hammered myself. These are not just functional; they are the finishing touches that honor the craft of my forebears.
The “Rytierska Prilba” is crafted to be more than an exhibit.

Inside, I placed a custom-fitted foam insert, ensuring that this wearable artifact is as comfortable as it is striking. Polished to a near-mirror finish, it’s a piece that commands attention and ignites conversations, standing proudly at the crossroads of ancestral pride and artisanal innovation.

I’ve poured my respect for tradition and my passion for metalwork into this helmet. It’s more than protective gear; it’s a testament to identity, a beacon of the remarkable outcomes when the threads of history are interwoven with the ingenuity of the present. The “Rytierska Prilba” is my homage to the Slovak spirit, a contemporary crest for those who value the legacy of artistry and the strength of heritage.