As a dedicated and highly motivated Industrial Designer,

I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and a passion for innovation to the field. Currently studying Industrial Design at OCAD University, I have honed my skills in product design, human-centered design, service design, and strategic foresight design, positioning me as a versatile and adaptable designer with a solid commitment to sustainable design principles.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of designers, cultures, and design principles, I am driven by a deep passion for making and a love of aesthetics and originality. My diverse portfolio reflects my versatility and ability to work across multiple mediums and design processes, utilizing various material and digital skills, including woodworking, metalworking, plastic processing, and CAD.

I am an ambitious individual eager to take on leadership roles in design and drive meaningful change through my work. My commitment to sustainability and ability to apply research and data analysis to address evolving market demands position me as a leader in creating desirable consumer products and experiences. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to expand my skill set and stay at the forefront of emerging design principles and trends, driven by my unwavering passion for design and my commitment to excellence in all I do.